We are coalition of young feminists working to promote the safety, equality, justice, rights and dignity of girls and young women in Somalia.

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We believe that others cannot make decisions for us without us. We believe that girls and young women are experts in their own rights and challenges.

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We are a proudly feminist organization and believe in full social, economic, and political equality for women and girls.

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Who We Are

Hawa Feminist Coalition is a non-governmental and non-profit feminist organization founded by young feminists in 2018 in Somalia as the first and only young women and girls-led organization grounded in principles of feminism that come out to promote the safety, equality, justice, rights, and dignity of young women and girls in Somalia to achieve a country where women and girls are valued as equal beings among members of the community, enjoy all their rights on an equal footing with others, and live in dignity.

We believe in the collective power of young women and girls and working together to achieve our rights. We are a coalition of young feminist activists in Somalia, and we cordially welcome the young feminist activists, advocates and groups who believe the same to join us so we can achieve a shared vision.

What We Do

Movement Building

We mobilize, organize and connect young women and girls in feminist solidarity to build a strong and visible young feminist movement that can promote the safety, equality, justice, rights, and dignity of young women and girls in Somalia.

Leadership Development & Empowerment

We build the leadership and advocacy capacity of young women and girls and their use of digital media and other innovative advocacy tools to improve their voice, agency, and active participation in decision-making processes in Somalia.

Awareness Rising & Advocacy

We use awareness-raising and artivism, including the use of art, dance, music, culture, and poetry, to challenge the prevailing gender-based violence as well as negative social norms and harmful beliefs against women and girls and also advocate the adoption of legal instruments for the protection of women and girls in Somalia.

latest news

HIRING A VOLUNTEER: Members Engagement Volunteer

Job Title: Members Engagement Volunteer Department: Membership and Community Building Location: Garowe, (Or Remotely) Reports to: Membership Engagement Officer General Position Summary Hawa Feminist Coalition is a non-governmental and non-profit ...

Nadiira Cabdiraxmaan: Siddee gabdhuhu ugu faa’iideysan karaan xirfadaha cagaaran?

Siddan wada ognahay isbedelka cimilada waa mid kamid dhibaatooyinka ugu waaweyn ee haysta Soomaaliya iyadoo ay soo raacaan dhibaatooyinka dagaalada iyo deganaansho la’aanta siyaasadda oo muddo dheer ka jirtay wadanka ...

Trains 50 Emerging Young Feminist Activist on Feminist Advocacy and Intergenerational Activism in Somalia

Climate change is one of the most critical problems facing Somalia, along with other ever-lasting conflicts and political instability that the country has been going through for the last thirty ...

50 emerging young female poets were trained on how to compose poetry in a workshop held in Qardho, Somalia

With support of Karibu Foundation, Hawa Feminist Coalition organized a mentoring and coaching for 50 emerging young female poets, mainly from marginalized communities, in a 5-day workshop held in Qardho, ...

Sports as a Tool to Combat Gender-Based Violence that Has Become Widespread in Somalia

Hawa Feminist Coalition uses sport as a tool to combat gender-based violence that has become widespread in Somalia and also as a way of reducing a girl’s risk of experiencing ...

50 vulnerable women and adolescent girls from the most vulnerable communities in Somalia trained how to make reusable sanitary pads

The closure of stores and public transport, rising costs, and increasing economic uncertainty due to COVID-19 measures are all putting menstrual hygiene supplies out of reach for those in poverty ...
Our Team

Jawahir A. Mohamed

Executive Director

Mariam Mohamed Hussein

Deputy / Programs Officer

Kowsar Abdisalam Guled

Physical Health Project Officer

Mariam M. Abdullahi

Programs Coordinator
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