A Cake-Cutting And Music Entertainment Were Celebrated With The Reopening Of The Renovated And Expanded Hawa Feminist Coalition’s Office Premises

Hawa Feminist Coalition held a cake-cutting and music entertainment event to celebrate the re-opening of its renovated and expanded office premises in Garowe, Puntland, Somalia. Hawa Feminist Coalition, the first feminist-led movement in Somalia and a non-governmental and non-profit feminist organization founded in 2018 by young women and girls all under the age of 35, has seen progressive growth in recent years, as have its offices and community.

The organization’s headquarters office premises have been going through a major renovation and expansion in the past 5 months, which was completed on February 1, 2024, and a celebration event was held for the completion and reopening of the office on February 9, 2024. The event, which was very important and a momentous occasion for the Hawa Feminist Coalition’s team and its feminist movement in Somalia to commemorate their major accomplishment, was attended by the organization’s staff, key young feminist activists, partners, and friends, who shared their jubilant and congratulatory remarks.

Mariam Abdullahi Mohamed, a senior member of the Hawa Feminist Coalition’s team, delivered a welcome speech and briefly talked about the organization’s history, the expansion and renovation work, and how this will help the organization grow into a strong and visible young feminist movement in Somalia that is strong enough to take the lead in working on priority gender justice issues in Somalia.

“The expansion consisted of some that had been financed by the landlord, for example, the construction of a new building consisting of a conference hall that could accommodate more than 40 people at the time, two more offices, one toilet, and a storeroom and kitchen.” Said Mariam Mohamed

“As part of the expansion that was funded by the Hawa Feminist Coalition, security and safety systems were installed throughout the premises and these included fire alarms, fire extinguishers, exit lights, emergency lighting, and first aid kits in every room and space. And also the installation of a CCTV security system or cameras in all the areas, both outside and inside, of the office premises, which will make our office premises secure and protected. The working spaces were also modernized and expanded to accommodate more than 40 staff members, and the old office building was renovated and repainted, and attractive wallpapers and materials depicting the organization’s vision, cause, and feminist principles were affixed in the office’s entryways and work spaces. This will ensure that our staff and movement have the finest possible environment to work, meet, and pursue their goal.” Said Mariam Mohamed.

Fatima Hussein, a member of the Board of Directors of the Hawa Feminist Coalition, thanked the generous donors who support the Hawa Feminist Coalition with flexible funding and specifically appreciated the Black Feminist Fund, whose funding made the renovation and expansion work possible.

In addition to the remarks made by the Hawa Feminist Coalition’s team, speakers at the event included Umalkhayr Awad, a well-known local journalist and founder of Gole Media Company, who has a close partnership with the Hawa Feminist Coalition. The speakers also included Farhia Feisal, founder and executive director of Hambile Youth Initiatives, and Shukri Ali, a member of Tolmo Society.

“I’m very happy, and this is a joyful moment for Somali girls to see the progressive growth and prosperity Hawa Feminist Coalition, which is the only feminist organization in our country, is making toward establishing a strong feminist movement base.” Said Umulkhayr Awad

“Tonight’s celebration of the expansion and renovation of Hawa Feminist Coalition’s office premises is just one example of what we can achieve together as girls.” Said Farhia Feisal  

The proceeding was followed by live music entertainment, refreshments and open-house tour for audience interested. The ceremony was adjourned with enjoyment and joyfulness.

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