About Us

How and why our organisation was founded?

Hawa Feminist Coalition was founded by young feminists all under the age of 35 in 2018 with aim of promoting the safety, equality, justice, rights Young women and girls are the most vulnerable, facing horrific sexual violence that occurs at alarming rates in Somalia, while even their needs are unnoticed and there are no spaces where they would feel more comfortable discussing issues related to them. Young feminist activists founded Hawa Feminist Coalition in 2017 as the first and only young women and girls-led organization based on feminism that explicitly comes out to challenge the root causes of the existing inequalities, rights violations, and injustice in response to these experiences of discrimination and rights violations, as well as unequal power structures that systematically undermine the voices of feminist activists and grassroots networks in Somalia. Hawa Feminist Coalition is a proudly feminist movement organization guided by feminist principles and committed to and believing in gender equality and the right of all women and girls to live free of patriarchal oppression, discrimination, and violence.and dignity of girls and young women in Somalia where women and girls bear an unequal brunt of hardships exacerbated by poverty, conflict, religious and cultural limitations which promotes strict male authority.