Engaging and building capacity, collaboration with young activists in Garowe

Mariam M. Hussein, a co-founder and member of Hawa Feminist Coalition provides brief training for some young activists in Garowe. Ms. Hussein met handful young activists; young women and men in Garowe who advocate range of issues – from youth rights to girls education in Garowe where she shared organizing, advocacy techniques and importance of collective actions.

These young activists who have been curious to learn new skills and experience to further their activism capacity have had a opportunity to discuss the power of collective actions and possible collaboration with Hawa Feminist Coalition in some common shared matters such as youth rights, GBV and improvement of girls rights in Puntland, Somalia.

This has been fruitful session that opened new opportunities and collaborations for these young activists who have firm commitment to pursuing a change. Furthermore, these young activists and Hawa Feminist Coalition will have collaboration on common shared matters such as advocating for girls rights and will also have information and knowledge exchange as well as initiating collective actions in the future.

Ms. Hussein together with other members of Hawa Feminist Coalition is going to approach and engage young activists in the path of promoting the safety, justice and dignity of young women and girls in Somalia.  

CONGRATULATIONS! Our Sister Mariam Hussein participates in WOW’s International Day of the Girl 2020

Women of the World Foundations celebrates 2020’s International Day of the Girl and is bringing together 40 young activists from around the world to build a community and share knowledge. In this year, one of our members Ms. Mariam M Hussein is listed at WOW’s Young Leaders Directory and participates in the event.

Mariam is a feminist activist advocating for the safety, equality, justice, rights and dignity of young women and girls in Somalia where women bear an unequal brunt of hardships occasioned by poverty, conflict and clan-based culture which promotes strict male hierarchy and authority. Mariam is an active member of Hawa Feminist Coalition, young feminists movement in Somalia.

Mariam’s story together with other incredible young activists, leaders and campaigners. Check it out here: Young Leaders Directory│ Hashtags: #DayOfTheGirl, @WOWisGlobal